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Anyone caught riding up there will be banned from any proper events held there and Police involved for trespassing offence by the Landowner. If Illegal riding continues we will lose all use of the land in the future!! If you need to know when events are check out relevant websites or contact Gavin Hockey 07771986592




In the late 1950’s several likeminded people interested in motor cycling started meeting each Saturday afternoon at Johnny Cooper’s Motor Cycle shop in Gaol Lane, Sudbury. After a time it was suggested they formed a Club and a meeting was arranged at the Woodpecker Restaurant Market Hill (now a National Coffee Shop).




Will BeltonA shortened course was prepared for the Youth Hare and Hounds Enduro after the main Adult event at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham the other Sunday. The conditions were just as bad very muddy, slippery, stamina sapping although the rain held off. This event was sponsored by G H Motorcycles/G & B Aggregates and although there were only seven entries the organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club decided to run, four of the Youths had graduated to the Adult event and another six were riding elsewhere.

It was a dead engine start with the competitors running a few yards to their machines and first away was Will Belton followed by Morgan Plaskett, Cullen Hawkins with Jemma Sargeant last away. Unluckiest rider was Billy Sargeant making his debut in this event who fell half way round the first lap and retired but he lives to fight another day. First round on lap one was Belton followed by Evan Herbert who had made up two places. Hawkins was in thirdJemma Sargeant with a big gap between him and the next two riders Plaskett and Archie Peters. End of the next lap it was still Belton, Herbert and Hawkins followed by Jemma Sargeant who was a lap behind. On the next lap Belton came off at one of the corners and lost the lead and Hawkins took advantage of this having already passed Herbert and took the lead. Belton was not finished as a resident of Sible Hedingham he had the village pride at stake and within two laps he was leading again and Herbert had regained second place and was close on the tail of the leader. As the time went by Belton was now lapping every three minutes and was five laps ahead of second place riderWill Belton and he had time to come into the pits to re-fuel and keep the lead. Further down the field the other riders stuck to their task and kept circulating despite the tricky conditions and being several laps behind the leader. When the hour was up the chequered flag went out and first past was Sargeant although she was not the winner the honour went to Belton on 21 laps, 2nd Herbert 16 laps, 3rd Hawkins 15 laps, 4th Plaskett 13 laps, 5th Sargeant 12 laps and 6th Peters 11 laps.

Official Result: 1st Will Belton 21 laps, 2nd Evan Herbert 16 laps, 3rd Cullen Hawkins 15 laps, 4th Morgan Plaskett 13 laps, 5th Jemma Sargeant 12 laps 6th Archie Peters 11 laps.

Youth Line up

Youth line up #27 Evan Herbert #215 Billy Sargeant #166 Morgan Plaskett #29 Archie Peters #22 Jemma Sargeant #65 Cullam Hawkins #12 Will Bellton Photo 5543(2) #27 Evan Herbert  Jemma Sargeant all thre photos by Diane Sargeant'  #12 Will Belton being presented with the winners trophy from Gavin Hockey photo by Melaine Belton. #12 Will Belton in action photo by Kayleigh Ridge.



News IconDave Barkshire Two Man Enduro 08-04-2018
Craig-RoperThe first round of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship was not without drama; the original venue was waterlogged so the organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club move the event to Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham and on the day before when the course was set up conditions were perfect. However Mother Nature was not kind as it rained overnight making the conditions muddy, slippery, stamina sapping and very interesting.

It was a battle of the Ropers (three brothers and one cousin all riding for the host Club) in the Championship Class, they slugged it out all day despite the slipping and sliding and after four hours it was a win for Rick Roper and his cousin Craig completing 38.50 laps pushing the brothers Stevie and Jamie into second place on 37.67 laps. Out of Centre riders Jack Lee and Paul Field secured 3rd place on 34.67 laps while there were two teams tying for 4th place both completing 33.83 laps and the verdict went to Woodbridge pairing of Harvey Mutton and Toby Morley as they had the better special test time which relegated Chris Wright (Diss) and Dan Willis (Stowmarket) into 5th.



In the Expert Class Glenn Walsh & Jack Berry (both Sudbury) pulled off a great win completing 35.83 laps with the TBEC pairing James Berrill and Dan Smith 2nd on 35.17 laps and the Sudbury duo of James Barker and Lee Monger finished 3rd on 33.17 laps while out of Centre riders Matthew Willis and Elliott Brooker took 4th on 31.67 laps. Three teams tied on 31.00 laps and it was down to the special test times with 5th place going 15 year old Jake Roper riding his first Adult event partnered by his Dad Phil (both Sudbury) while another father and son team Darren and Jack Nicolaou (both Sudbury) secured 6th pushing Damian Long (Woodbridge) and Julian Harvey (Ipswich) into 7th.

It was a close finish in the Clubman Class with George Wolfe (Sudbury) and Luke Cain (TBEC) taking first place by .17 of a lap over Kane Fisher (Norfolk & Suffolk Juniors) and Lee Saunders (Woodbridge). Two teams tied on 28.50 laps which the special test times gave 3rd place to James Hockey (Sudbury) and Steve Finch (Braintree) over Gary Vines/Will Packer (both Sudbury) 4th. Raymond Otoka (Diss) and Michael Barker (Sudbury) finished 5th on 28.00 laps followed in 6th Luke Womack and Tom Morris (both Diss) on 27.67 laps and in 7th Nigel Ross and Graham Mays (both Sudbury) on 26.67 laps.

The Ropers

Craig Roper by Roger Chaplin, Rick Roper by Stuart Cooper. Cousins Craig and Rick winners of the Championship Class.  15 year old Jake Roper competing in his first Adult event partnered by his dad Phil and finished 5th in the Expert Class, photo by Anthony Ridge.



Max DayThis coming Sunday 8th April sees the first round of the popular Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship staged by the Sudbury Motor Cycles Club at Oaklands Farm Chappel Essex start time 9.30pm and runs for four hours nonstop.

Entries are still coming in however in the Championship Class Tom Braddock who has won this Class twice in the last five years and in the top three for the other years has entered but his partner is not yet known. Jamie Roper is having his first ride since his injury last April and is being partnered by his eldest brother Stevie who between them have won three solo Titles each.

Joe PhillipsLast year’s first and second in the Clubman Solo Class James Barker and Lee Monger has teamed up in the Expert Class and are out to win this Class. However 15 year old Jake Roper who has been setting the Youth events alight is able to ride in this Adult event with his father Phil who won the Expert Class in 2013 with Paul Belton will be out to put in a good performance.

Others coming up from the Youth ranks are Max Day riding with his father Carl along with Joe Phillips who has just turned 16 and is partnered with Archie Gunton also 16 and these two had their first Adult ride in the Clubman Class at the last round last year and finished 9th scoring 7 points.Archie GuntonJake Roper

Shortly after this event will be the first round of the G H Motorcycles/G & B Finch Aggregates Youth Hare and Hounds and there should be some talented riders competing.




Bev Roper PresentingSudbury Motor Cycle Club’s first event for 2018 is the Annual Endurothon on Sunday 4th March at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex start time 9am. This is a double header event as at 1.30pm will be Round One of the G H Motorcycles/G & B Finch Aggregates Youth Hare and Hounds Championship which is open to Youths 12 to 16 year olds. The Sudbury Club having pioneered three one off Youth events last year have decided to make 2018 a five round Contest and the winner overall will receive a trophy. It is hoped that these events will help and ease these young competitors into Adult meetings when they become eligible.

Recently round one of the British EnduroDave Roper Memorial Trophy Championships started with Jack Nicolaou winner of the 2017 Team Dave Roper Challenge finishing 15th in the Clubman Class scoring a point in this Contest also scoring 9 points in the Clubman E2 Sub Class with 7th place. Terry Allen had a good ride in the Veteran Over 40 Class with a 12th place finish and scoring 4 points.

Nearer to home this coming Sunday 25th February is round one of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship being organised by the Diss Club in the Thetford Forest. Jason Morland (Halstead) will be hoping to win the Championship Class for a third time in a row but will have stiff competition from top Moto Cross rider Luke ParkerDave Roper Memorial Trophy (Norwich) and past nine times Champion Chris Hockey coming out of retirement, unfortunately Jamie Roper is still injured but hopes to ride towards the end of the Contest. Sudbury members James Barker, Lee Monger and George Eustace who finished 1-2-3Jack Nicolaou in the Clubman Class last year are hoping to make their mark in the Expert Class however Jack Berry, Alex Walton, Jack Nicolaou, Ross Taylor (Diss) and Tom Sargent (Bury) will be hard to beat. Brothers Paul and Dan Hunt (Diss) and the Marsh twin Joe and Ben (Halsted) are favourite for the Clubman Class however Max Day just turned 16 might be riding but Joe Phillips is chomping at the bit to compete in the Adult Class however is not able to ride at the Diss event as it is a Time Card one where riders must be 16 or over, good news is he will be 16 in March and has his heart set on riding all the other rounds. Gavin Hockey is hoping for better luck this year in the Expert Veteran Class while Dean Curry will be defending his Clubman Veteran Class Title from fellow Club members Martin Greenaway and Jeff Turner who took 2017 off from riding. Andy Mason is out to win the Clubman Super Veteran Title yet again; he is the only winner of this Class since its inception. Sudbury’s Jeff Sharp will be making his debut in this Class as he has reached that certain golden age but Graham Mays and Nigel Ross will be in contention plus one or two others.

Photo 1 2017 winner Jack Nicolaou with his Team Dave Roper Race Shirt.

Photo 2 Bev Roper presenting Dave Roper Memorial Trophy to Jack Nicolaou.

Photos 3 & 4 The Dave Roper Memorial Trophy.




News IconExtreme Enduro Foxborough Quarry 30th December 2017


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Charlie FrostWith a lot of heavy rain days before the 4th Extreme Enduro at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex what would be the outcome would the event go on and would it be cancelled. The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club had to deal with thick snow in December in the 1960s when organising Trials but their motto was ‘The Show Must Go On’ and this traditional is carried on today amended to ‘We Don’t Do Cancel’. There was so must standing water and mud that it made the easiest of obstacles difficult to ride over with even the top riders falling off.

Promptly at 11am the four Classes were dispatched at 15 seconds intervals running to their machines to start two hours nonstop of mayhem, chaos and give entertainment to the 300 spectators. In was two times winner of the event Charlie Frost from Bath who was the fastest runner to the bikes Jason Pearceand was first off closely followed by Ben Wibberley. At the end of the first lap it was Wibberley leading the event also Pro Class with Frost a fair way behind in second. Wibberley negotiated the table top with ease this contained a log at the beginning with another log at the foot of the climb with four more logs on the descent while Frost dropped his machine at the top and lost precious seconds. Following behind these two were Rob Warner and local rider Stevie Roper. As the two hour session progress Wibberley got stuck on the wet and muddy telegraph poles which let Frost catch up which he took advantage of then after jumping off the See Saw Wibberley was in his sights.Stuart Bridges Frost then passed Wibberley and from then on there was no holding him completing a lap every 10 minutes he came home to take his third title on 12 laps with Wibberley second on 11 laps with Warner 3rd also on 11 laps 70 seconds behind, Roper 4th on 9 laps 7 minutes ahead of Jack Barwick also on 9 laps.

In the Expert Class local rider Ryan McDonnell was very well placed but as the time went by it was Jason Pearce who took control and won the Class completing 7 laps with Carl Venter 2nd on 6 laps five minutes ahead of 3rd Barney Thurgood also on 6 laps. McDonnell was 4th on 5 laps Josh Kirby 5th and Stephen Lander 6th both on 4 laps.Paul Nash

In the Clubman Class local rider James Barker took the early lead also jumping off the See Saw but he was overhauled by Stuart Bridges to take the win by 20 seconds so Barker was 2nd both on 6 laps. The next three riders finished on 5 laps with Will Packer taking 3rd, Alfie Coles 4th and Dan Hunt 5th.

In the Trial Class it was that veteran Paul Nash who took the win (his second in the four events) completing 5 laps. There was a hard fought battle for second place with Super Veteran Jason Green taking 2nd pipping Jez Moss by 11 seconds both on 4 laps while 16 year old Joe Phillips secured 4th place who managed to complete one lap.



News IconDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please  >>visit this link<<





 video footageBlast From The Past
The is a gem cine footage put onto DVD. Suffolk Grand National Scramble 31-03-1963 organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk.



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials







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