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Anyone caught riding up there will be banned from any proper events held there and Police involved for trespassing offence by the Landowner. If Illegal riding continues we will lose all use of the land in the future!! If you need to know when events are check out relevant websites or contact Gavin Hockey 07771986592



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Jason MorlandBattle commence this coming Sunday 26th February between Jason Morland (Halstead) and Jamie Roper (Sudbury) in the first round of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship in Thetford Forest Santon organised by the Diss Motor Cycle Club. Morland will have the coveted number one plate this year as he won the Championship Class Title last year. Brendan Mayers will be backing up his fellow Club member however Chris Hockey (Sudbury) cannot be discounted as he is hungry for his tenth Title. Other local riders in contention are the Sudbury trio of Steve Mason, Craig & Rick Roper but unfortunately for Alex Rampton winner of the Expert and Clubman Titles over the last two years it will be a non-start as he has broken a collar bone while at Boot Camp, however Harry Clark (Sudbury) will be riding in his first Solo Championship and hopes his Moto Cross skills will hold him in good stead. In the Expert Class if Ryan McDonnell (Sudbury) can apply himself he has a good chance of winning this Class but will opposition from Nick Barrett and Jack Nicolaou (both Sudbury) plus Ben Grice (Lowestoft.

Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) looks favourite for the Clubman Class Title this year and will receive strong competition from Daniel Piper, Lee Monger and Ben Roper (all Sudbury) while Joe Marsh (Halstead) and George Warren (Castle Colchester) intend to be up amongst the leaders.

The following week Sunday 5th March the Sudbury Club will be running their Annual Endurothon for pairs and solos. The venue will be at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham starts 9am and run for five hours non-stop.





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News IconExtreme Enduro 2nd January 2017
Extreme EnduroConditions were perfect for the third Extreme Enduro at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club, the rain the previous day didn’t have any affect and the sun shone all day. One disappointment the 2016 British Extreme Enduro Champion, Tom Elwood couldn’t make the event however the 2016 British runner up and last year’s winner Charlie Frost did and made his debut on the Active Bike Sport/Malcolm Rathmell Sport Sherco.

All four Classes, Pro, Expert, Clubman and Trials lined up on the hill beside the Sudbury Club’s banner and at 11am the Pro riders ran down the hill to their bikes followed at intervals by the Experts, Clubman and Trials riders. The course had been extended this year with extra obstacles including a see saw. First Pro rider round was Ben Wibberley with quite a lead and Charlie Frost was nowhere in sight, he had got stuck in one of the bogs and by the time he freed himself the Clubmen had caught up with him. Wibberley was having it all his own way while leading the field however Frost getting used to his new bike was gradually picking off his competitors Jamie Roper, Stevie Roper, Craig Roper and Jason Morland riding in his first Extreme event then he got severe arm pump which affect his control of his machine. Frost ploughed on and still manage to gain on Wibberley and around 75 minutes of the two hour event he manage to pass Wibberley and from then he extended his lead to win the Class completing 15 laps. Next came a trio of Ropers, 2nd Jamie on 14 laps, 3rd Stevie 13 laps 2 minutes and 38 seconds ahead of 4th Craig also on 13 laps. Jason Morland was in 3rd place but with one or two fall offs towards the end was relegated to 5th followed by Brendan Mayers. There was bad luck for Wibberley with three laps to go his chain came off and got well and truly stuck in his wheel and try as he might could not free it so had to retire.

There was a battle throughout the day in the Expert Class with Mark Kirby securing first place on 11 laps while the next two finishers rode 10 laps with Toby Morley who has grandparents in Halstead, took 2nd place by 1 minute and 32 seconds from Chris Cook. Fourth, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th were Kevin Silvain, Jake Purcell, Daniel Piper, Gene Womack and Jason Green.

Fred Adams won the Clubman Class quite easily completing 14 laps with Dawson Marriott 2nd 11 laps, 3rd Keith Maude, 4th Daniel Hunt both 9 laps followed by Lee Boulden and George Eustace both 8 laps.

In the Trial Class the first two riders both completed 10 laps and first place went to Ben Grice being 3 minutes and 29 seconds ahead of last year’s winner of this Class Paul Nash.




Course preparations are taking place during the month of December for the third Extreme Enduro at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham being organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club. This time the event is on Monday 2nd January a public holiday start time 11am and runs for two hours. This will be open to spectators and more details will follow later. 2016 winner Charlie Frost from Bath is looking forward to this event.

The Sudbury Club’s fixtures for 2017/2018 are : Sunday 5th March Endurothon Sible Hedingham, Sunday 9th April first round Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship Bocking, Sunday 14th May round of the G H Motorcycles/ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship Sible Hedingham, Sunday 18th June another round of the G H Motorcycles/ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship, Sunday 24th September final round Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship Great Cornard and Sunday 7th January 2018 Extreme Enduro Sible Hedingham.



Jack NicolaouSeveral members of the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club were amongst 200 plus riders who competed in the 9th and final round of the British Enduro Championship at Thetford Forest organised by the Diss Motor Cycle Club. Overnight rain made the going tough with several retirements however there were successes for Sudbury riders. All eyes were on Jack Nicolaou to see if he could improve on his 5th place in the Clubman E2 Sub Class. He managed 17th overall in the Clubman Class with fellow Sudbury member Alex Walton 14th and Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) 15th while other Sudbury riders Ben Ramus, Nathan Greenaway and Lee Monger were 33rd, 38th and 50th. In the Clubman E2 Sub Class Walton was 4th, Sargent 5th and Nicolaou 6th and with this sixth place Nicolaou is the fourth best rider in Great Britain in his Sub Class. Daniel Piper finished 27th overall in the Expert Class but was 7th in the E1/2 Sub Class scoring 9 points.

In the Expert Over 40 Class Mark Green finished 15th, Richard Walters 17th, Gavin Hockey 23rd and Phil Roper 24th. Nigel Ross riding in a British Championship for the first time in the Expert Over 50 Class had a creditable 11th place.

The next Sudbury Club event is the Extreme Enduro at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham on Monday 2nd January 2017 which is a public holiday. Meanwhile Sudbury’s President Roger Chaplin has been re-elected as one of the Vice Presidents of ACU Eastern the governing body for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. He has held this position for over 40 years.



News IconDr Shox boot camp video
This is where the Sudbury MCC Dave Roper trust funded under 21 riders have been training for more info on this school please  >>visit this link<<




News IconWeston Beach Race 09-10-2016
Several riders from East Anglia made the annual trip to the Weston Beach Race held over three days at Weston Super Mare. Sudbury Motor Cycle Club can claim a winner for the first time at the Weston however it was in the fun run on the Friday with the route on part of the course and over the Dunes and the worthy victor was Steve Mason followed by Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester). In the Adult Race on the Sunday Stevie Roper having taken over his brothers Jamie Roper’s ride was best Sudbury member finishing 64th and completing 16 laps only five laps behind the first two riders. Other Sudbury finishers were Ryan McDonnell 88th (15 laps), James Barker 111th (15 laps), Graham Mays 189th (13 laps), Ed Kerridge 340th (9 laps) and Pete McDonnell 406th (7 laps). Both Craig Roper and Carl Lawrence could only manage one lap each before retiring. Halstead riders Brendon Mayers finished 33rd (17 laps) with Jordan Cutting 87th (15 laps), Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) 107th (15 laps). Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) finished further up the order with a 76th place and 16 laps while behind him were Ben Alexander (Woodbridge) 77th (16 laps) and Ross Taylor (Diss) 173rd (13 laps).



Harry ClarkThe seventh and final round of the ACU Eastern Moto Cross Championship took place the other Sunday at Wattisfield Hall Suffolk organised by the Diss Motor Cycle Club. Sudbury Motor Cycle Club had three members scoring points on the day in the Junior Championship. However all three rode in the Premier Class with the Experts as they were some of the fastest riders in timed practice and all eyes were on 18 year old Harry Clark to see if he score enough points to finish in the top three Juniors over the series. He had three very good rides and finished 11th in race 1, 10th in race 2 and 13th in race 3 and was second best Junior rider. In his three rides Ryan McDonnell finished 17th, 33rd and 15th with 10th overall while Rick Roper finished 15th, 29th and 26th with 14th overall. Clark managed to secure third place in the series of the Junior Championship with McDonnell 38th and Roper 45th while in the Club Championship Sudbury finished 6th scoring 334 points of which Clark scored 311 and Jamie Roper in round 5 scored 23. Next year Clark will ride in the Premier Class as an Expert and it will be interesting to see how he gets on in only his third season of racing against the very top riders.

Photo right of Harry Clark taken by Peter Cutts



Just recently six riders from East Anglia competed in Natterjack Enduro organised by REME/Army MCA at Eelmoor near Aldershot which formed rounds seven and eight of the British Enduro Championship. On day one, 7th round, Jack Nicolaou (Sudbury) and Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) finished 22nd and 37th overall in the Clubman Class and were out of the points however both of them scored points in their sub Class Clubman E2 with Nicolaou 6th and Sargent 13th. In the Expert Class Rick Roper (Sudbury) was 26th overall and 11th in his sub Class while Will Hughes (Braintree) had a DNF (did not finish). James Yearley (Braintree) was 30th overall in the Expert Class and 7th in his sub Class. Day 2 the 8th round they all had better rides with Nicolaou 21st and Sargent 31st overall in the Clubman Class while in their sub Class Nicolaou was 4th and Sargent 10th. Overall in the Expert Class Roper was 23rd, Hughes 26th and Yearley 29th and in Expert E2 sub Class Roper was 10th and Hughes 12th while Yearley was again 7th in the Expert E1/2 Class. Excitement is building up for 9th and final round at Thetford Forest organised by the Diss Club on Sunday 20th November. The current positions after the eight rounds show Nicolaou 38th overall in the Clubman Class but he is 5th in the Clubman E2 sub Class with Sargent 14th. Andy Blackman (Castle Colchester) is 13th in the Clubman E1/2 sub Class. Rick Roper is in 8th position in the Expert E2 Class with Hughes 29th and Craig Roper (Sudbury) 35th. In the Expert E1/2 sub Class Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) is 8th and Yearley is 10th while John Bishop (Woodbridge) is in 21st position in the Veterans over 40 Class.




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News IconGreat Cornard Event Report 18-09-2016
Jeff TurnerThe 4th and final round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship at Tye Farm Great Cornard organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club produced some very close racing. The track was in perfect conditions with the help of the rain two days before which kept down any dust and two of the original fields were stubble instead of grass which provided a challenge. Kevin PalmerThe Championship Class was a closely fought battle all day In the end Craig Roper (Sudbury)/Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) took the win on 71.67 laps with the next two teams tying on 71 laps so it was down to the special test and by 11 seconds Jamie Roper/Glenn Walsh (both Sudbury) took 2nd place with Rob Aldridge (Diss)/Ed Pooley (Stowmarket) 3rd, Lewis Bond’s (Lowestoft) Michael Ridgeusual riding partner Tom Braddock was not available due to family reasons so he teamed up with Ben Grice (Lowestoft) and they finish 4th Rob & Aaron Nicoll (Halstead) were 5th pushing Will Kerry (Woodbridge) and Sam Toy (Sudbury) into 6th place by a better time of 16 seconds in the special test. In the last session Toy had a bad fall dislocating his knee and with help of a fellow rider Michael Ridge he got on his bikeRoss Taylor and finished without penalties. With the Braddock/Bond unable to score any points would Kerry/Toy low finish on the day be enough to win Class Title and provisionally they have won the 2016 Championship Class Title by 6 points with Braddock/Bond 2nd while there is a tie for third place between Nicoll/Nicoll and Aldridge/Pooley and this will be decided on the Series tie break rules.Sam Toy In the Expert Class Ross Taylor(Diss)/Michael Ridge (Stowmarket) were unstoppable taking the win on 69.33 laps with Michael Wyatt/Richard Bensley(both Diss) 2nd on 67.67 laps, Dan Willis (Stowmarket)/Chris Wright (Diss) 3rd and Daniel Piper/Stephen Green (both Sudbury) 4th. Overall Taylor and Ridge have a perfect score by winning all four rounds with Wright and Willis 2nd Will Kerryand Danny Wright/Alex Barkshire (both Diss) 3rd.

There were six teams in with a chance of winning the Clubman Class Title and one of the favourites Aaron Barkshire/Kyle Betts (Diss) were not riding so what could the other teams do. On the day Kevin Palmer (Norwich)/Jeff Turner (Sudbury) had a perfect ride completing 67 laps with no penalties with James Barker/Brett Halworth (both Sudbury) 2nd 65.67 laps, Duncan Griffin (Diss)/Dean Curry (Sudbury) were 3rd, Matt Smith/Marc Norton (both Sudbury) 4th and Tom Morris/Paul Wright (both Diss) 5th. Provisionally the Clubman Class Title has been won by Kerry/Turner with a tie for 2nd place between Barkshire/Betts and Morris/Wright and this will be decided by the Series tie break rules unless there is a revision of this last round results.

Photos taken by Anthony Ridge



This coming Sunday 18th September the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club will be running their last event for 2016 and it is the fourth round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship. The venue is the legendary Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk and local resident and Sudbury member Stephen Green will put his Grass Track machine to one side to ride this event teaming up with his brother Mark. The other week Stephen won all his four races at the Fenland Grass Track Meeting and it seems he can’t stop winning. The Enduro starts at 10am with the first four riders away and during the two hour morning session will change over to their team member every 30 minutes. The afternoon session starts at 1pm with the course being ridden in the opposite direction and a timed special test on the first lap. Proceeds from this meeting will go to the Dave Roper Memorial Fund. Meanwhile round 3 took place last Sunday at Kenton organised by the Stowmarket Club and it was a win in the Championship Class for Sudbury’s Craig & Rick Roper with Sam Toy 2nd partnered by Will Kerry (Woodbridge). It was a 5th place in the Expert Class for Graham Mays & Nigel Ross (both Sudbury) while Jeff Sharp (Sudbury) & Tim Ford (Lowestoft) secured 10th. Jeff Turner (Sudbury) made up for his disappointing ride last week in the Solo Championship by winning the Clubman Class partnered by Kevin Palmer (Norwich) with John Austin/Terry Allen (both Sudbury) 3rd, Jason Carsboult/John Roach (both Sudbury) 5th, Andy Mason/Richard Reeve (both Sudbury) 8th, Matt Smith/Marc Norton (both Sudbury) 9th with Philip Barltrop (Sudbury)/Trevor Scott (TBEC) 15th.

In the Moto Cross world Harry Clark had a very successful day at the recent meeting at Cadders Hill Lyng being the best rider in the Premier Class and has leapt into second place overall in this Contest.



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Sudbury EnduroEvery round this year of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship has thrown up surprises and the fifth and final round last Sunday held at Butley by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club was no exception,

Jason Morland in the Championship Class was in a determine mood althoughSudbury Enduro he was trailing by nine points at the start of the day in the Contest this was still the best chance for him to snatch the Title. He out rode everybody in the three Special Tests pushing Chris Hockey (Sudbury) into second place by 5.202 seconds and his rival for the Title Jamie Roper (Sudbury) into third by 6.716 seconds who broke his brake lever in the second test and fell off in his third test. Clearly the race for the win on the day was between these three riders and went down to the wire to the fast last lap. Roper and Hockey came in on time so did not incur any penalty points and both rider had to wait for Morland who started two minutes behind them. The wait was agonising could Morland come in on time as the clock ticked by, suddenly he appeared all eyes was on him and he reached the yellow flags Sudbury Endurowell before his time was up and secured the win on the day. This is Morland’s first Championship Title which will be well celebrated by his Club Halstead who are celebrating their 90th year. Roper finishes second two points in arrear in the Class with Hockey third a further 13 points behind. Other positions on the day were Ricky Roper (Sudbury) 4th, Tom Braddock (Lowestoft) 5th and Craig Roper (Sudbury) 6th.

Alex Rampton (Sudbury) won the Expert Class from Ed Pooley (Stowmarket) by 6.413 seconds with Ryan McDonnell (Sudbury) 3rd, Tim Warnes 4th Ben Grice (Lowestoft) 5th and Kevin Silvain (Sudbury) 6th. Unfortunately Class Title contender Jake Gregory (Stowmarket) was unable to ride due to an injury so Sudbury EnduroRampton wins the Expert Title equalling the feat of Lewis Bond by winning the Clubman and Expert Titles in successive years. Mark Chapman (Diss) won the Expert Veteran Class with ease with John Bishop (Woodbridge) 2nd, Paul Spurgeon (Woodbridge) 3rd and Mark Green (Sudbury) 4th. In the Clubman Class there was a three way fight between Dan Willis (Stowmarket), Alex Walton and Ben Ramus (both Sudbury) for the Class Title and on the day Walton won, Willis 2nd while Ramus was pushed into 4th place by Kevin Palmer (Norwich). Overall Willis has clinched The Clubman Title and it has been a long time since a Stowmarket rider has won anything the last known rider was his father Alan. What a miserable day it was for Jeff Turner (Sudbury)Sudbury Enduro Sudbury Enduroin the Clubman Veteran Class dropped his bike in all three special tests dropped his bike on the last lap losing two minutes finishing 8th on the day and his rival for the Title Peter Andrews (Woodbridge) only finished 3rd behind Kevin Gore (Norwich) and Duncan Griffin (Diss) but it was enough to the give Andrews the Class Title. The battle for the Clubman Super Veteran Title was between two Sudbury riders Graham Mays and Andy Mason who pulled out all the stops to win on the day with Nigel Ross (Sudbury) 2nd and Mays 3rd. Mason’s win was enough to win the Class Title for 2016 with Mays 2nd. Sudbury’s Pete McDonnell had a shattering win in the Sportsman Class.

Above photos taken by Anthony Ridge #9 Jason Morland Championship Class, #24 Alex Rampton Expert Class and #46 Mark Chapman Expert Veteran Class #50 Daniel Willis Clubman Class #80 Peter Andrews Clubman Veteran Class and #108 Andy Mason Clubman Super Veteran Class




Roper and MorlandThe G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/ACU Eastern Enduro Championship reaches its climax this coming Sunday 4th September when the fifth and final round takes place at Butley organised by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club. Five of the six Titles are up for grabs and in the prestigious Championship Class two riders are vying for the Title. This year Jamie Roper (Sudbury) has Jason Morland breathing down his neck and if Morland is successful he would become the first Halstead Club member to win this Class which would be an added bonus as it is that Club’s 90th year. Morland is nine points behind Roper which seem a daunting task but as the riders best four scoring rounds out of five counting it will make his task easier as his current worst position is 9th to Roper’s 4th. A win for Morland with Roper third or a second place to Morland and a fourth place to Roper will give Morland the Title but the most interesting situation is a win for Morland and a second to Roper will give them equal points and the tie break rule will not be able to separate them so they would share the Title. Any other results will give Roper a fourth Title

The Expert Class is between two riders with Alex Rampton (Sudbury) 68 points and Jake Gregory (Stowmarket) 63 points. Gregory’s chances of winning the Class Title are good if you win on the day with Rampton 5th the Title is his but if Rampton finish 4th the Title will be shared as the tie break rule will not separate them. If Rampton finish 3rd on the day the Title will be his and he will equal Lewis Bond’s feat of winning The Clubman and Expert Classes in successive years. Mark Chapman (Diss) has already won the Expert Veteran Class this year.

The Stowmarket Club rider Dan Willis leads the Clubman Class on 68 points with Alex Walton (Sudbury) on 63 points and Ben Ramus (Sudbury) 49 points. Ramus who has only scored in three rounds need to win on the day with Walton 2nd and Willis 5th to take the Class Title which would be a nice reward for him as he became a father four months ago. However Walton who himself became a father three weeks ago has a greater chance of taking the Title but it looks odds on for a Willis win. The battle for the Clubman Veteran Title has been between Peter Andrews (Woodbridge) and Jeff Turner (Sudbury) throughout the series and if Andrews can finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th or 5th with Turner behind him then the Class Title is his. It will be down to Turner to have a consistent ride and finishing in front of Andrews to win this Title and if both slip up Dean Curry (Sudbury) is waiting in the wings. Sudbury members have the first four places in the Clubman Super Veteran Class with Graham Mays 69 points, Nigel Ross 56, Less Rampton and Andy Mason 54 points. The good news for Mays is that Ross and Rampton cannot catch him but the bad news is Mason can as he has only scored in three of the rounds so all the points he score will count. Mason needs a first or second place with Mays behind him to win the Class Title for another year however a third place for him would see the tie break rule go in favour of Mays.



Round 2 of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship took place last Sunday 21st August at Wattisfield Hall Wattisfield organised by the Diss Motor Cycle Club. It was a win in the Championship Class for the favourites Lewis Bond and Tom Braddock (both Lowestoft) by point 33 of a lap. The next four teams tied on 32 laps each and after the tie break second place went to Brendan Mayers/Joe Marsh (Halstead) by 11.45 seconds from Sam Toy (Sudbury)/Will Kerry (Woodbridge) while in 3rd place were Craig Roper (Sudbury)/Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) only point 89 seconds behind. Taking 4th place were the Halstead pairing of Aaron & Rob Nicoll son and grandson of the legendary Moto Cross rider Dave Nicoll. Jamie Roper (Sudbury) was riding to retain his fitness for the final round of the Solo Championship and finished 8th partnered by Lewis Perkins.

The Expert Class saw a four way tie for first place and the Sudbury pairing of Dean Southernwood/Kevin Silvain managed to secure 3rd place just 4.04 seconds behind the winners. Also in the points were Graham Mays/Nigel Ross (both Sudbury) in 12th place with Jeff Sharp (Sudbury)/Tim Ford (Lowestoft) were 13th. Ben Roper/Matt Smith (both Sudbury) had to settle for 7th place in the Clubman Class while Darren Carsboult (Sudbury)/Lee Kirkpatrick (Woodbridge) finished 8th followed by Jason Carsboult/John Roach (both Sudbury) 9th, Dean Curry (Sudbury)/Duncan Griffin(Diss) 11th and Joshua Bryenton (Sudbury)/Mark Tuck (TBEC) were 14th. Round 3 takes place on 11th September at Kenton organised by the Stowmarket Club and round 4 is on 18th September organised by the Sudbury Club at a legendary venue but before that is the final round of the Solo Championship where 5 of the 6 Titles will be settled




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Stephen Green

Lewis Hamilton has had a great July in the Motor Racing sport however whatever Lewis can do Stephen Green of Great Cornard can do just as well in the Motor Cycle Sport.

Green has just won his third Title in the Grass Track sport by winning ACU Eastern 500cc Upright Grass Track Championship at Iken near Woodbridge organised by G W Racing, previous weekend he won the ACU South Eastern 500cc Upright Grass Track Championship and of course previous to that the British 500cc Upright Grass Track Championship.

He has become the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club’s most successful Grass Track rider since Tom Smith in the early 1960s and the season is not over yet so could there be more Titles to win.

Image/Video By Roger Chaplin

VideosView video of Stephen Green



News IconWelsh Two Day Enduro 03-07-2016
Gavin Hockey.Around 30 riders from East Anglia made the long trek to Wales to compete in the popular Welsh Two Day Enduro and most were successful. The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club members had great success with Jack Nicolaou finishing 3rd in the Clubman E2 Class and he puts this down to the training he had in Wales a few weeks ago which was sponsored by the Dave Roper Memorial Fund. Sudbury Club Chairman Gavin Hockey was well in contention for a win in the Classic ClubmanJack Nicolaou Class but had to settle for 4th place with Gary Drage 9th. Scott Smith was 13th in the Clubman E1 Class while Phil Roper finished 7th in the Clubman Veteran Class with Gareth Young 30th, Paul Belton 35th, Terry Allen 79th, Martin Baker 80th, Paul Willis 90th and Dean Curry 94th. The Sportsman Class saw Peter Barltrop 52nd and Simon Larner 57th. The other riders from the East did very well with Duncan Griffin (Diss) 13th in the Sportsman Class, Rob Aldridge and Ross Taylor (both Diss) were 7th and 8th in the Clubman E1 Class. In the Clubman Veteran Class the Woodbridge pair of Paul Spurgeon and Carl Walker were 10th and 66th while Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) finished 10th in the Clubman E2 Class with Richard Penfold (Braintree) 29th. Other Braintree members in the results were Steve Finch 6th Classic Clubman Class, James Yearley 9th Expert E1 Class, and Will Hughes 10th Expert E2 Class with Time Rose (Diss) 14th. Harry Clark (Sudbury) qualified for the Premier Class in round 4 of ACU Eastern Moto Cross Championship at Mildenhall however he could not repeat his feats from a few week ago finishing 23rd in Race 1, 19th Race 2 and 23rd Race 3 however he did add 37 points towards the Junior Championship.

Photos by Paul Webb



 video footageBlast From The Past
The is a gem cine footage put onto DVD. Suffolk Grand National Scramble 31-03-1963 organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Tye Farm Great Cornard Suffolk.



Blast from the Past

By & featuring Roger Chaplin

Anglia Television were doing articles on some minority sports and I was contacted by the Presenter and Interviewer Cy Percival asking me if I would set something up.Filming took place in January 1971 and it is in black and white because of a union despite with colour filming.The Sudbury Club in the 1960s organised for Anglia Television two scrambles demos at Tye Farm Great Cornard and of course we had the live BBC TV Grandstand Scramble (the second one they ever ran) with Murray Walker as commentator


Tye Farm 1971 Trials






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