Annual Awards


Each year at the Sudbury Club’s dinner dance and awards ceremony we recognise the achievements of members by way of trophies, some of the awards are self explanatory as their titles suggest i.e. Best Beach Racer-the best result in a beach race, others are decided on by the committee by nomination, debate and vote i.e. Sports Personality Of The Year. Bellow we have listed out all of the various award titles and given them a brief explanation where required. Every year we will record the winners of each, so that in time to come members will be able to look back and see each awards recipient history.


Sports Personality of The Year. - This is awarded to the person who it is decided has put smiles on a lot of peoples faces, has mixed well with others and has generally shown themselves to be an all-round nice person.

Gordon Drake Trophy- Most Improved Rider.- Really very obvious.

Chairman’s Challenge- Best Beach Racer.- Best result in a beach race.

Donald Steed Trophy- Most Meritorious Club Member.- This award is given to the most praiseworthy rider for their efforts during the year.

Bump Stick Trophy-Best Four Stroke Rider.- Given to the highest finisher/achiever of the year riding a four stroke machine.

Donald Steed Trophy- Best Enduro Rider.- Really very Obvious.

Keyse Rose Bowl- Best Moto X Rider.- Given to the highest finisher/achiever of the year in motocross.

Donald Steed Tankard- Best Junior.- Really very obvious.

Roy Alston Cup- Best Club Member.- Given to the individual who has contributed much to the club.

Peter Smith Trophy- Best Classic Racer.- Given to the individual who has achieved the most in racing classic machinery.

Bog Bash.- Given to the individual who has embarrassed themselves the most by getting into a pickle!

Dave Roper Memorial Trophy – Best Overall Performance by one of the Club’s Sponsored Rider

Peter Smith Memorial Cup – For long service by some or some ones who have given long service to the Club

Alan Alston Memorial Bowl – Special Award; Spirit of Motor Cycle Sport – Someone who has done an unselfish act or something outstanding


The following awards are decided by looking at the Eastern Centre Solo Round results and taking from that the Sudbury Club members and awarding them retrospectively for there achievements, although they may finish in say 4 th in the Eastern Centre, they may be the highest placed Sudbury member, therefore they will have beaten their team mates and will be 1 st in the Sudbury Championship.


Championship Class.- The top 3 in the class will receive an award.

Expert Class.- The top 6 in the class will receive an award.

Clubman Class.- The top 10 in the class will receive an awwrd.