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Download RegsExtreme Enduro 3rd January 2016

Published on Jan 04 2016
This page contains videos results and a full write up by Roger Chaplin including previews about this event from 3rd January 2016...

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Foxborough 2 Man Enduro 27-9-2015

Published on Sep 27 2015
Course conditions were perfect for the 5th round of the Dave Barkshire Motorcycles Two Man Enduro Championship organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham. Although a disappointing entry of only 25 teams over the three Classes those who rode thoroughly enjoyed the way the course was laid out. For the first time at a Two Man the Sudbury Club used their timing and recording system where riders had to swipe their wristband transponders against the receiver at the end of each lap while the special test timing was done the usual way. The Championship Class although with only three teams was hotly contested by Glenn Walsh/Craig Roper, Stevie Roper/Jack Berry (both pairs Sudbury) and Aston Bird/Carl Grantham (Woodbridge). Bird was in dominating form completing 15 laps along with Grant.....

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Butley Enduro 30-8-2015

Published on Aug 30 2015
With five of the six Class Titles to be won at the final round of the G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Enduro Championship staged by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club at Butley Suffolk could there be upsets on the day. In the prestigious Championship Class the current leader Aston Bird (Woodbridge) was spending time with his family in the Isle Of Man and was a non starter which left Jamie Roper (Sudbury) needing third place on the day to retain his Title...

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August 2015 Club News Roundup

Published on Aug 16 2015
The 2015 G H Motorcycles/Husqvarna/Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship reaches its climax on Sunday 30th August with the fifth and final round at Butley Suffolk the event being organised by the Woodbridge Motor Cycle Club. Five of the six Class Titles are up for grabs and starting with the prestigious Championship Class again like the last few years only two riders can win and claim the Title Eastern Centre Enduro Champion, however nine times Champion Chris Hockey (Sudbury) for once is not one of them......

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Foxborough 4 man 9-8-2015

Published on Aug 09 2015

This page contains videos results full race report and images of this event

Twenty two teams started the fourth Four Man Team Enduro last Sunday at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham Essex. The organisers Sudbury Motor Cycle Club were blessed with hot and sunny weather which was a change from last year when there was heavy rain. A few regular moto cross riders were persuaded to ride in some of the teams and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves finding the atmosphere relaxing compared to moto cross and joined in the fun of the event. Twenty two riders lined up for the only mass start of the day when after 15 minutes the chequered is shown they then ride to the beginning of the holding bays where another team member takes the bike while the rider then runs to his holding bay hand over the wrist band transponder then that team member runs to the end of the holding bays jumps on to his bike to ride the next 15 minute session...


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