Club News for September and October 2016

News IconWeston Beach Race 09-10-2016
Several riders from East Anglia made the annual trip to the Weston Beach Race held over three days at Weston Super Mare. Sudbury Motor Cycle Club can claim a winner for the first time at the Weston however it was in the fun run on the Friday with the route on part of the course and over the Dunes and the worthy victor was Steve Mason followed by Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester). In the Adult Race on the Sunday Stevie Roper having taken over his brothers Jamie Roper’s ride was best Sudbury member finishing 64th and completing 16 laps only five laps behind the first two riders. Other Sudbury finishers were Ryan McDonnell 88th (15 laps), James Barker 111th (15 laps), Graham Mays 189th (13 laps), Ed Kerridge 340th (9 laps) and Pete McDonnell 406th (7 laps). Both Craig Roper and Carl Lawrence could only manage one lap each before retiring. Halstead riders Brendon Mayers finished 33rd (17 laps) with Jordan Cutting 87th (15 laps), Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) 107th (15 laps). Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) finished further up the order with a 76th place and 16 laps while behind him were Ben Alexander (Woodbridge) 77th (16 laps) and Ross Taylor (Diss) 173rd (13 laps).



Harry ClarkThe seventh and final round of the ACU Eastern Moto Cross Championship took place the other Sunday at Wattisfield Hall Suffolk organised by the Diss Motor Cycle Club. Sudbury Motor Cycle Club had three members scoring points on the day in the Junior Championship. However all three rode in the Premier Class with the Experts as they were some of the fastest riders in timed practice and all eyes were on 18 year old Harry Clark to see if he score enough points to finish in the top three Juniors over the series. He had three very good rides and finished 11th in race 1, 10th in race 2 and 13th in race 3 and was second best Junior rider. In his three rides Ryan McDonnell finished 17th, 33rd and 15th with 10th overall while Rick Roper finished 15th, 29th and 26th with 14th overall. Clark managed to secure third place in the series of the Junior Championship with McDonnell 38th and Roper 45th while in the Club Championship Sudbury finished 6th scoring 334 points of which Clark scored 311 and Jamie Roper in round 5 scored 23. Next year Clark will ride in the Premier Class as an Expert and it will be interesting to see how he gets on in only his third season of racing against the very top riders.

Photo right of Harry Clark taken by Peter Cutts



Just recently six riders from East Anglia competed in Natterjack Enduro organised by REME/Army MCA at Eelmoor near Aldershot which formed rounds seven and eight of the British Enduro Championship. On day one, 7th round, Jack Nicolaou (Sudbury) and Tom Sargent (Bury St Edmunds) finished 22nd and 37th overall in the Clubman Class and were out of the points however both of them scored points in their sub Class Clubman E2 with Nicolaou 6th and Sargent 13th. In the Expert Class Rick Roper (Sudbury) was 26th overall and 11th in his sub Class while Will Hughes (Braintree) had a DNF (did not finish). James Yearley (Braintree) was 30th overall in the Expert Class and 7th in his sub Class. Day 2 the 8th round they all had better rides with Nicolaou 21st and Sargent 31st overall in the Clubman Class while in their sub Class Nicolaou was 4th and Sargent 10th. Overall in the Expert Class Roper was 23rd, Hughes 26th and Yearley 29th and in Expert E2 sub Class Roper was 10th and Hughes 12th while Yearley was again 7th in the Expert E1/2 Class. Excitement is building up for 9th and final round at Thetford Forest organised by the Diss Club on Sunday 20th November. The current positions after the eight rounds show Nicolaou 38th overall in the Clubman Class but he is 5th in the Clubman E2 sub Class with Sargent 14th. Andy Blackman (Castle Colchester) is 13th in the Clubman E1/2 sub Class. Rick Roper is in 8th position in the Expert E2 Class with Hughes 29th and Craig Roper (Sudbury) 35th. In the Expert E1/2 sub Class Rob Blackman (Castle Colchester) is 8th and Yearley is 10th while John Bishop (Woodbridge) is in 21st position in the Veterans over 40 Class.