Dave Roper Memorial Fund


Dave RoperThe Dave Roper Memorial Fund was set up after Dave’s untimely death in July 2009 jointly by his family and the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club. The Fund is designed to help and support the Club’s young and up and coming riders and to go further within the Sport. The format of support is decided at the beginning of each year and details of this can be found under the year concerned. Mitchell Sharp made a special award which features the number 374 {which was Dave’s riding number in Classic Scrambles) with the word Champion across the ‘7’ and engraved “Dave Roper Riders Trust SMCC” also ‘In Loving Memory Dave Roper 03.02.1952 – 20.07.2009 and is awarded to the rider who has finished in the highest position. Dave joined the Committee in 1983 and from 1989 served as Chairman for 20 years and attracted many people from far and wide to join the Sudbury Club.


For 2010 it was decided to support Sam Toy and Craig Roper in the British Enduro Championship and the Fund paid for their entry fees, replacement of chains, sprockets etc which were supplied by G H Motor Cycles and Jim Aim Motor Cycles kindly at cost. The winner of Trophy was Sam Toy.


MemorialFor 2011 the Fund decided to support the same two riders, Craig Roper and Sam Toy, also added a third rider Kelvin Vant on the same format as 2010. The winner of the Trophy was Sam Toy.


For 2012 the Fund decided to change the format. The support is a day’s training, a race jacket in the Club’s colours of red and yellow with various logos denoting the Dave Roper Fund with the provision of those selected members to compete in the Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Championship. The selected invited members total 12 and are; Jack Nicolaou, George Warren,  Matt Rampton, Nick Barrett, Craig Roper, Jamie Roper, Steve Mason, Jack Berry, Chris Hart, Sam Toy and Kevin Webb.

The winner of the Trophy was Jamie Roper.


For 2013 the Fund decided again to change the format and selected six young Club members who ride in the Clubman Class of the G.H. Motorcycles/Husaberg/Eastern Centre Solo Championship. The Fund is paying their entry fees, supplying a race shirt and training. The selected riders are : Jack Nicolaou, George Warren, James Hockey, Matt Rampton, Ben Roper and Ryan McDonnell.