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« on: March 06, 2006, 10:32:44 PM »
The results should be on the site by Wednesday evening. even sooner if i receive them before then.


Newsletters / March 2006 Newsletter
« on: March 02, 2006, 02:38:58 PM »
My first attempt  at news letter  and a jovial start.....

What Time Does The Bar Open?.....At 3 am a desk clerk at a hotel gets a call from a drunk guy asking what time the bar opens. "It opens at noon," answers the clerk.  About an hour later he gets a call from the same guy, sounding even drunker. "What time does the bar open?" he asks. "Same time as before... Noon." replies the clerk. Another hour passes and he calls again, plastered "When joo shay the bar opins at?" The clerk then answers, "It opens at noon, but if you can't wait, I can have room service send something up to you." "No... I don't wanna git in... Ah wanna git OUT!!!"

Now down to some serious stuff

Neil Drew is stepping down from the committee!....WHAT!....I hear you gasp, yep we will be sorry to see him go.  For all of you that know Neil, and have seen the input and the enthusiasm he has had for the  club, you will know he will be missed.  It was not by choice but Neil has had work changes and will not have time to give the club his all, but I am sure Neil will be showing his face at the meetings and the odd club night.

Foxborough Endurathon 5th March

As you all know, we are back at the Quarry for some more fun and games.  This is one of the best events around - a real test of man and machine.  If you don't want to get dirty and haven't finished by the time you have got this letter, you will know what I mean!  The event will have been run and your bike will be destroyed, you will be shagged and saying I wont do that again, but like all enduro riders you'll be back!  If I count the number of times I've ridden Le Touquet  beach race and said  I won't be doing that again, and for some reason your back on the ferry next year doing it all again  with a bigger tank and smaller sprockets!!  So the likes of Jim Aim Motorcycles and Gav at GH will be flat out on the tills rubbing there hands together supplying new parts for your much loved machine.  So well done to those that finished....and shame on you to those that retired!! I have been told the land owner has promised the use of the quarry for another 4 races in 06, and one we hope will be a motocross in July.  

We also have some dates for our local track, GT Cornard, so check the web site for dates.  If you haven't  logged on yet, you should.  Its full of info about the club and diary dates as well as some useful tips and tricks.

Clive Brand Is Leaving

Yes many of you already know that Clive is going to Greener pastures, the trouble is its 3650 miles away with a wacking great big sea in the way!....BLIMY!  I won't be popping over for the weekend, but might go for a week ;-)   Clive and the whole deal are going to farm the Canadian fields instead of the Suffolk countryside, and do I blame him? I jealous?....might be!  We had a great leaving party for Clive to wish him a bon voyage, and we wish him all the luck in Canada.  Foxborough will be his last race before he goes. I will try and give him a big ye harr as I pass him in the bog and fill him in big time just to let him taste the UK soil for one more time!  Good luck Clive, we will miss you buddy, you have been a big part of the club and it will take a bit to get over that massive hole you will leave.

Tunstall Enduro 2nd April

This will kick off the first round of the Eastern Centre Enduro Championship, so get your entries in   quick.  More info on the web site for this and all forthcoming fixtures.

Well that's it from me....I cant think of anything else!  Hope this reads ok and you have enjoyed its contents,  

Les 'Jonny Popper 2 Stroke' Rampton

Newsletters / January 2006 Newsletter
« on: February 04, 2006, 12:46:40 AM »
The Newsletter January 06



The year ahead of us is looking very exciting, as most of you will know by now we have got Foxborough Quary back on our calendar, also Cornard Tye is not being developed at the moment so we still have that for an event, in total 6 confirmed events so far.

Generally the club is starting to gel more as a club than it has been for a while, there is enthusiasm for social activities and a lot more members wanting to be involved and know more about the club, there is a lot more appreciation and support for those members who are the “backbone” of the club and we are finally eliminating the them and us attitude that used to exist. We have a number of riders who have come on brilliantly in 2005, some of whom will be moving up to experts and some of whom we expect will do very well in the clubman, also we have an excellent representation in the championship class. Sudburys own internal championship is going to make for some interesting observation, especially in the clubman class, everyone is coming across very motivated, we are sure that there will be some surprises.



The AGM was held at The White Horse in Sudbury, there was a good turnout showing plenty of support for the club, it was reported by Graham Mays our club secretary that we had for the first time in a long time made a loss, however this was due to having 2 Christmas bashes in one year (the 2004 taking place in Jan 05) and the necessary purchase of additional equipment to make good the land that we have held an event on, had theses factors not applied we would have made a profit, otherwise everything was in good shape.

The voting on and off of committee members for the 2006 period also took place, the changes include the obvious resignation of Clive Brand who as every body should know by now is moving to Canada, Gavin Hockey, Stevie Roper and Nigel Ross were voted on to the committee, the other notable addition to the team is Peter Finch who in the latter part of the evening and plied with alcohol, agreed to being the clubs much needed Press Officer. So for 2006 your committee and their roles is like this;-

President- Mr. P. Smith

Chairman- Mr. Dave Roper,- general day to day running of the club, responsible for all club plant / equipment, committee meetings etc etc etc etc

Vice Chair- Mr. Gavin Hockey,- motocross events, new promotional goods, outlet for regs and licenses, plays a role in website build and the occasional newsletter. (the naf ones)

Secretary- Mr. Graham Mays – too many to really list see November newsletter.

Mr. Roger Chaplin – helps with keeping mature and stable outlook, deals with the ACU and attends ACU meetings, also researching history for inclusion on web.

Mr. John Hart- generally clerk of coarse, responsible also for scrutineering, moving club equipment etc. refer to December newsletter.

Mr. Phillip Frogg- clerk of coarse, helps with ACU matters, plays a role in the web site build.

Mr. Criss Hockey- when not abroad has some good ideas, and general, will be putting together and submitting to the web the Sudbury championship standings as they happen.

Mr. Stevie Roper- has taken on the role of organizing the clubs social activities.

Mr. Nigel Ross- we are not sure yet but we think that he is going to advise and assist with the health and safety aspect.

Mr. Les Rampton- general input.

Mr. Vincent Jolly- we think its general input.

Mr. Neil Drew- general input.

All of the above members are on the committee because they care about our club, if there is anything that anyone wishes to discuss with them they are all willing to take the time to speak with you, there telephone numbers are on previous newsletters, if you don’t have these then they can be viewed on the clubs website.



Stevie Roper did us proud with the first of many activities on 25 th January, we had an endurance Go Kart race at Indicart in Colchester, every place sold out making up the 8 teams, the evening kicked off a bit later than expected due to the organization of the kart people but this did not dampen spirits. Choosing the grid position to start (and the Kart number) was very much a lucky dip, with one member of each team picking a numbered board, not to sound to much like a sore looser but some carts were noticeably faster than others! Throughout the evening it was a close fort race, the positions changing regularly due to “sin bin” visits by most teams, notably Clive Brand and Pete Finch were included, but not as often as people thought they would be, but then to be fair they had one of the slowest carts on the track so all that they and Darren Crook could do was get in peoples way! Undoubtedly you will hear all kinds of stories about bad decisions, being blocked etc. what was most amusing to observe was how so many people were saying “its just for fun”, and it “doesn’t matter what position, just enjoy it” then, those same people were rushing to the scoring monitor every few laps to see where every team was, then there were the ones acting all cool like it wasn’t really an issue, but, as soon as the monitor watcher was back they just happened to ask the question. Well the thing is, all involved are racers.

Finishing in first place was Ian Parker, Jimbob (not very good hand signals) Roper, Craig Roper, Michael Mayor.

Finishing in second place was Alistair Aim, Geoff Turner, Philip Roper, Andy Palmer-Randel.

Finishing in third place was (the hoping for divine inspiration team) John Hart, George double D Hart, Turv, and the Vicar.

As soon as the next social activity is organized we will let you know, if you have any ideas of your own then please contact Stevie, he will be only too pleased to discuss them with you, he can be contacted on 07801-049364. information will be posted on the web site under the social heading, and in forthcoming newsletters.



Since January 1 st we have had a total of 26 new members, we would like to take the opportunity of welcoming each and every one of them, and thank them for choosing the Sudbury MCC Ltd. They are in order of their membership numbers - BEN MARTIN, ROGER MARTIN, JAMES BARKER, CRAIG ROPER, DAVID BEADLE, CHRISTOPHER WINNING, PAUL OWEN, BEN ILOTT, IAN MANNS, ROGER GOODING, REX HILL, DAVID BURTON, DANNY SIMPSON, NEIL THOMSON, STEVEN CLARK, ADAM TURVEY, JACK BERRY, JON OWEN, TERRY COPE, MARK BUMSTEAD, ANDREW THOMAS, CHARLIE ALDRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER AMES, PETER THOMAS, MITCHELL SHARP AND EMILY HUGHES.

Also we would like to acknowledge the many members who are re joining the Sudbury club after an absence, if you need any help or have any queries please feel free to contact any member of the committee, or alternatively use the forum on the clubs web site, this is always a good way to get to know other members as well.



As mentioned earlier Peter Finch has taken on this unenviable task, he has already been in touch with the various medias to establish protocol and contacts, this includes the Eastern Centre Gazette, so finally we should start to see some club information filtering into it, also the TMX will start to get our results posted onto it together with photographs. The task he has is not simple, and as such is going to need as much help as he can get, in short Peter will need you guys who have been involved in the race to help with information, photos, results and general gossip / information. Peter is clearly taking the role very seriously and it will be difficult to get a replacement if he decided that he wasn’t getting the feed back from the club that he needs to do the job well, so could you all do what you can, even if you have raced out of centre or abroad, let Peter know as it could be useful either in the media or in these newsletters.



Clive Brand, several months ago Clive was asked if he could put down on paper some rough information to help with this section, unfortunately he point blank refused to say anything, all the others were difficult as well but Clive took it to a new level. Like the others he did not feel that singing his own praises was appropriate, or the kind of thing that he does, nor that the reason for him being in the club was for praise. All we can tell you is that Clive has been a truly devoted club member, giving up so much of his spare time and energy to helping ensure that events are ready for others to enjoy. He used to ferry the container, caravan, w.c’s and other equipment to the events, carry out repairs and maintenance to these, he always put himself out to set up and clear away events, a committed committee member that has done over the many years of his involvement, so much for this club. We are sure that everyone wishes him all the best for the future and we are all very sad to see him leaving. We understand that that Clive will be going at the end of February.



Lack of space this month with so much other info leaves us with little space, so we will be back on this next month.



The website is at last starting to get some serious use, the forum is attracting more of the usage that it was intended for, however it needs more of you shy people to get involved, it will make it more interesting for all. Also the bike set up page is easy to add stuff too, so why not add your tip, you might be helping, or you might learn something. We still haven’t had enough of the questionnaires back, so can you fill it in, your input is important to our club.



Work parties are desperately required in order to make this event a success and run in a way that the land owner knows that he has one of the most consciences clubs using it, lets see some new faces there please, especially those who were saying that they would help but found the others in Herts too far away. Information on directions and dates for work parties are posted on the website, together with telephone contacts. Thank you to those who have already been there and put in some very hard work over the past few weeks.



Lets see our club doing as well if not better this year in the Eastern Centre competitions. We hope that everyone has a safe, enjoyable and successful year.

Good luck to all.


The Committee.

General /
« on: January 02, 2006, 04:18:59 PM »
The site has now has the latest details for this years fixtures from EASTERN CENTRE A.C.U. please visit the events/results page for all the information.

Newsletters / December 2005 Newsletter
« on: December 19, 2005, 05:55:07 PM »

Newsletters / November 2005 Newsletter
« on: October 28, 2005, 12:06:31 AM »
Generally there has been a great deal happening what with Weston and the culmination of various championships within the Eastern centre, so this month’s newsletter will cover a lot of topics and be a fairly concise effort.

Weston Beach Race

It was quite a mixed result for the Sudbury club this year with some of the names you would expect to see doing well, ending up with mechanical failure, injury or some other misfortune, on a more positive note though Ricky Roper finished in 26 th and Jamie Roper in 34 th also in the top 100 was Ian Parker and Mark Waller, apparently Mark will be at the dinner dance this December and giving away signed photos to anyone who should happen to want one, Mark would also like to know if anyone has a photo of the moment when he overtook Dave Roper who had broken down. We also had a number of riders who were close to the top 100 who we are sure will improve next year.


This as you know is being continually updated, the forum is attracting a lot of interest, however, it seems that some of you are a little shy about posting any comments or questions of your own, it isn’t very difficult to log in and become a user, basically if you are able to get onto the forum and read the existing comments then you are more than capable of registering and putting in your own comments. Some of the results and championship standings have been a little slow in getting on the site, this is largely due to us not being as organized as we should be, also we have to rely on third parties for passing on the relevant information, we are now putting into place a system to ensure that this happens much quicker than at present, next year will therefore see an improvement. If you have any ideas of your own that will improve the web site, or have comments on things that you might like included then please let us know via the contact us button on the site itself.

The Committee 2006

In January 2006 we will be holding our A.G.M. this will include the bit where committee members that feel their other commitments in life prevent them from doing their best for the club and so resign, and where new members are voted on to the committee. If you feel that you can make a contribution to the club by way of ideas, are positive thinking, look forward, and have motivation, then we need you. Please contact Dave Roper on 01787-237098 to put your name forward or to just have a chat about what is involved, it is only one evening a month, but your contribution to making the club a pleasure to be in for over 250 people can be very rewarding. We hope to hear from you.

Dinner Dance 3 rd December 05

If you haven’t got your tickets you better hurry demand is high, every thing is in place for what will be another great evening, if you want to know about the awards then you can visit our web site and view the awards page, it will show the various awards with an explanation as to what each one is about, the recipients of each will not be divulged until the evening of the dinner dance, that is with the exception of the Sudbury Championship awards which are known because of the results of the Eastern Centre Solo Championship which our results are derived from, these are displayed on the results page of the web site.


As we keep telling you we get together every third Wednesday of the month at the White Horse Pub, North Street, Sudbury. Now, get your diary out and put the following dates in it and make an effort to attend at least a couple, you will be very welcome;-

November 16-2005

December 21-2005

January 18-2006 (possibly AGM combined we will confirm)

February 15-2006

March 15-2006

April 19-2006

May 17-2006

June 21-2006

July 19-2006

August 16-2006

September 20-2006

Just to clear up a minor detail,-in the last newsletter which was done by Gavin H. he says “free food and as much beer as you can drink” the bit about the food is correct, but, the beer bit is only when Gavin is there! Otherwise we all pay for our own. Gav.

We hope to see you there. (we will let you know when Gavin will be going).

The Questionnaire

As you know we decided to ask each one of you a lot of questions to get feed back to help us help you, this involved getting on the phone and one by one going through the members list. Brilliant idea in practice, what we didn’t anticipate was how many times we would ring a given number without any response, or the person we were trying to get hold of not being available etc. etc. when we were able to get hold of a member each call was taking around 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes even longer when we came across someone who had a lot of views, so far in total there has been some 18 hours spent on the phone and we are not even a third the way through. So as this is affecting work, training and the bank balance (not to mention petticoat government getting up tight about the time spent in the evenings on the phone) we decided to post the questionnaire on the web site for you guys to fill in at your leisure, please take the time to do this as your feed back is vital to us, its not difficult and you don’t have to put your name to it if you don’t

The E M G Ford Eastern Centre Solo Championship

The last round was held at a very demanding Tunstall, this was where the championship was ultimately decided, Aston Bird took the win and the title, this left our Sudbury boys Chris Hockey in 3 rd overall and Rickie Roper 4 th overall. After the race results were in the overall championship for the expert class put Jamie Roper in 2 nd with Peter Clark 3 rd, Chris Hart Joint 5 th and finally Mark Waller finishing 8 th overall, brilliant show by our lads considering for most of them it was their first year in the expert class. In the Clubman class our Steve Mason won in his first year of competition, lads to watch out for next year and making a late charge are Nigel Ross finishing 6 th at Tunstall, Darren Nicoloaou finishing 9 th and Paul Belton in 11 th. The other one to watch for is Peter Finch who is going faster with each race, he has finished in 3 rd place in the Sudbury competition having ridden in only 3 of the 5 Eastern Centre rounds, Nigel Ross finishing 2 nd in the Sudbury competition. For a full picture on the Sudbury championship visit our web site and click the results bar.

The C J Ball Two Man Championship

The Sudbury boys have done us proud with some good results in each of the 3 classes over the 8 rounds. The Championship class – the most any pairing did was 3 races, this pairing went on to win, ultimately for Sudbury 2 nd was Gavin Hockey with Steven Revett, combined 3 rd was Chris Hockey with Paul Whibley, Gavin Hockey with Clive Brand, and again Gavin Hockey this time with Aston Bird!

The Expert class we had Steve Mason and Andy Mason winning it outright by over 40 points, Geoff Sharp partnered by Tim Ford came third, unfortunately Richard Walters Suffered an injury 5 races into the series and was unable to compete in the last 3, had he still been in the last 3 with Mark Waller they were on coarse for a second place overall.

The Clubman, Peter Finch and his protégé scraped into 2 nd place on the last race having been in 3 rd for the best part of the season, Alan Cracknell with Kevin Hunt came 4 th. Well done to all our lads.

After all the effort and hard work to achieve these results there was some despondency to find that awards were only given to the 1 st place finishers, we are led to believe however that this may well change for next year, you will have to check with the event organizers/sponsors. For the complete results of the 8 races go to the web site and click on results.

Unsung Heroes

Every organization has people within it that really put themselves out without the need for praise or recognition, we have in our club many such individuals that no one really appreciates fully what they do for us or to keep this club going. We are going to put that right by each month by taking one by one each of these people and letting you the member know just what goes on in the background. The first person who’s been forced to divulge their activities is our club secretary and treasurer Graham Mays, Graham has been with the Sudbury club since 1979 (26 years) he has been in the role of secretary and treasurer for some 18 years, he is responsible for payment of all invoices, the banking and monthly statements, submission of annual accounts to companies house, also his official duties include dealing with the ACU and all the correspondence that entails, keeping the club up to date on rule change implementation. Graham also has to deal with applying for competition permits, placing of regs in the gazette and TMX, booking the first aid for each event, he sorts out the rider numbers and entries along with all the time cards, when the race is over he then sorts the results, the insurances and land fees. On average he modestly calculates that he devotes some 244 hours a year to our club, what he didn’t mention is the time that he commits to the committee meetings and then writing up the minutes at the end which will easily equate to a further 40 hours a year, in total then that means that Graham has devoted without pay or other reward some 5112 hours or 213 days of his life in the last 18 years alone to the Sudbury Club. Additionally Graham and his wife Sally deal with the signing on the morning of the race, and will also help with the last minute setting up. Sometimes Graham will go without riding in order to marshal on the day if we are short of officials.

Rider Profile

This month we picked Jason Ager who has been a Sudbury member for 5 years, he is 36 and single, to pay for racing he works as a plant fitter, Jason has been riding bikes since he was 15 years old but never seriously competed until this season, his chosen bike is a KTM 250 two stroke which he swears by, and would only ever replace it with an up to date model. Jason’s favorite track is Tunstall and his least favorite is Butley in the deep sand, his best result was 13 th at the last Sawbridgeworth solo round that the Sudbury Club held. Jason also competes in the two man competitions with Dave Witney another Sudbury member. For 2006 Jason plans to compete in all of the solo rounds and one of his main goals to achieve next year is to go clear at Tunstall.

Pre-Weston Warm up

You know what they say about Brits abroad! Well, picture this in your minds for a second, take 5 lads in their late teens/early 20’s, add to that a 40 something that is louder than the young ones put together, add to this the picture that the 40 something has an impish sense of humor and a keen practical joker, now add the buzz of going overseas, now add bikes, now add the bear!!! What you end up with is this storey (we weren’t quite sure what to call it actually) that is told below written by young Jim Roper and the entourage . The background is that each year prior to Weston these lads go to Holland or Belgium or sometimes both to practice in the sand for a weekend, something which they are offering to other riders for next year. The following then is a direct verbatim copy of their “rap /poetic thing” for a translation you will have to speak to one of those involved;-

No fear all the beer and no idea, we are just boys who like to play with our toys.

6 men 6 bikes 3 phones, the only thing that wasn’t flat was the beer so off we trot to Dover Court where we arrange to ride out sport.

Jimbo was the only one with a flat phone which was handy because we couldn’t get hold of Waller’s dog & bone, heads & tails in the pub to sort the driver out Waller Jimbo ended up with no stout a few beers in the pub to the port, board the boat a bit of shopping where private island was bought straight to bed 6 o’clock in the morning ding dong the rain was pouring out the boat on the road in the garage to buy the map getting lost getting to the track where we found no crack out with the map we did come to Bergan we traveled full of come out with the bikes on with the gear straight in the bar for one more beer(Dutch Courage) all on the coarse doing our thing where the Waller’s were riding with a lot of bling MJW cut up Larry like he was shopping at cash & carry. Last session we did go where Larry took his final blow out come farmer Eddie who thought he was riding pretty steady the flag came out to finish the day load the vans were on our way.

Eindhoven is the place where the boys were seriously on the case. In the hotel writing this we were oll on the way to getting pissed. Honda Park is the next storey where we all reached our next moment of glory, nursing a headache riding in deep sand where the jumps were grand, but then George cut open his poor little hand, Larry thought he was riding pretty cool not realizing he looked like a cannon ball. The Belgium’s came out for a go and made us 6 donks look really slow Waller said he would go out for 30 where he only managed 10 and looked like a turkey. Honda park was done in style where Larry loaded Jimbo’s pile on the road for one more trip were we all finally got a grip we finally come to the last bend where the track awaits us 4 next weekend S Roper, Waller, Waller Junior, Ian Parker(Larry), Georgie DD & Jim Bob R where finally found the last bar, never mind about all the jackanory I bet you cant wait for next weekends story, if you want to come next year you had better be able to handle your beer, Phone one of us six who will be there we all promise to handle you with true care.


Newsletters / October 2005 Newsletter
« on: October 19, 2005, 07:18:00 PM »

General /
« on: October 05, 2005, 10:54:35 PM »
The results page had just been updated for the 2 man enduro's.

General /
« on: September 06, 2005, 01:37:49 AM »
Thanks for the positive comments Vince,  :lol: The main thing to remember is just use and fill in the bits you need and forget about the rest, they will be of use to a few user in time, any comments, content, complaints (not that I will get any :shock: ) please let me know and I will see what I can do to inprove things or add bits to the site.
Was interesting at the Comittee meeting tonight and was good to meet everyone.



Newsletters / Newsletter September 05
« on: August 26, 2005, 09:59:52 AM »
The Newsletter September 05

Things are moving at a great pace, some of the improvements will soon start to filter through the system and show up, the first of coarse being our newsletters which are now being regularly compiled and sent. As follows, we have detailed in as brief a format as possible, an update on various topics.

Web Site.
At the time of writing the web site was open in its infancy, which means that at the time of you reading this news letter the site will either be fully functioning or at worst only a week away. Ian Manley who is re-building the site has already started to make changes to modernize the appearance and the format to make it more user friendly, however, because we are putting so much pressure on Ian he may well have it going sooner.  So far the plans are for it to include downloads for reg’s, race results, race reports, club news, links to Aim’s and G H also a link to the clubs newly appointed official photographer, it will also eventually include the  fixture lists for the season and of coarse the forum. If any one has any further ideas or if you would like to send Ian any race reports of your own for inclusion we would more than happy to receive them. Ian can be contacted on;

Christmas Dinner Dance
Being held at the Five Lakes Resort, Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8HX
DECEMBER 3rd. Tickets only cost £25 each, less than it costs to go to a restaurant for a night out, and you get much more for your money with the live entertainment, wine provided at the table by the club, the chance to meet all the club members that you see at the races and never normally chat to, there is also the possibility you could be up for an award, the atmosphere itself is not to be missed.
There is going to be a collage at the entrance to the function room, so if you have any race related photographs that you could donate to the club please send them to;- Dave Roper, 81 Hydewood Rd, Little Yeldham, Halsted, Essex. CO9 4QX. Also we are going to have a prize for the best caption put to an interesting photo, again if you have a photo that we could possibly use for this send it to the above address or even bring them along one of our club nights. Also there will be a raffle which has prizes donated by each of the committee members, which are usually worth trying win. The clubs  website will fairly soon have a link to the Five Lakes Resort so that you can see what its all about, plus you will see the rooms that Georgina Mitchell has available to anyone at the dinner dance should you want to stay over. The function room that we have booked is perfect, it has a very large bar (no big que’s), a separate seating area for a bit of quiet, plenty of space, its own W.C’s etc etc, the only thing you need leave the room for is to go to your bedroom or home.
You can get tickets through Jim Aim’s , G H motorcycles or at our event at Blounts Farm 11,sept.
To contact Georgina to book a room call her mobile -07863122471.
As you know from your last newsletter we have started contacting all of the club members one by one to get feed back on the club and what you think we can do to make it better, this is a long process, so if you haven’t yet been contacted be patient we will get around to you. So far everyone has been very helpful and open with their thoughts and opinions, it would seem that after speaking with around 10% of our members, that the biggest issue is communication, the lack of newsletters and the website neglect has left a lot of you feeling left out and un important, a couple even commenting that they felt like outsiders. We can only apologize for this, but as we are now demonstrating to you, change is afoot. Having said that it does work both ways, the club has its club night every third Wednesday of the month, this is made known on the few newsletters that you have had, and also on the social section of the old website, this is held at the White Hoarse pub, North Street, Sudbury, the committee is always represented there with other members, the club lays on some food and there is always plenty of banter, so come along even if it is only once in a while, you will get to put faces to names and get to know what else is going on in the club. Don’t be left out by your own choice. We look forward to seeing you there, we get there for 8pm.
When we have completed our survey of the members we will post the results on the website, it should make some interesting reading. We are monitoring the responses that we are getting and are reacting positively to the big picture as it emerges to ensure that we continue to do right by you.
We are trying to make our events more interesting and not just a race, we are arranging for relevant trade stands to represent themselves at our venues, we are also trying to sign up a main sponsor, (far more difficult than it sounds) ,so far we have signed up a deal with F.C.L. Retail in Brentwood,01277-200660 who will be attending our 11-sep event in Sawbridgeworth, they are the official dealers for “Peak Body Fitness and Nutrition” also “Sports Nutritional Food & Drink”, they will be having a trade stand and selling drinks and supplements that are relevant to the demands of our sport. One of the ready drinks they will be selling is “Hyper Fuel” this is designed to give long term energy and replace the salts etc that are depleted from the body during intense exercise, they will also have high energy meal replacement bars, some of the items they will have on offer have been tried by a couple of our members and we can say without bias that they do actually work, and they taste pretty good too. Give them a call to find out more, speak to either David or Zara they will be very pleased to give you what ever information you may need, please support them on the day, if it’s a success for them they have agreed to attend our 2006 events.
If you have any ideas on other relevant trades that could benefit from attending our events please contact Dave Roper 01787-237019 or  Neil Drew on 07843-350650./01279-841050.

Rider Focus
Each month we aim to pick totally at random any rider from any class within the club and do a little feature on them, when the website is fully functioning it will be done on there. You never know when it might be you!  We will be starting this in next month’s newsletter.

Blounts Farm, Sawbridgeworth, 11-September
We will be needing work parties for the final stages of setting up the track, if enough people can come we will have a B.B.Q. and a few beers at the end. If you can come please let us know in advance so that we can be organized for the day, hopefully if we have had a good enough response to our requests for help in our last newsletters there shouldn’t be any post ramming to do !                    

  The Committee.

Newsletters / Newsletter Aug/Sept 05
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The Newsletter Aug/Sept 05

Yes, two newsletters in a row. The club is at the moment going through a period of what you could call re-invention. The committee is taking a look at every aspect of the way the club functions, and as such we are trying through these next few newsletters to keep you, the members up to date on exactly what is going on, including any future plans. The newsletter itself will continue monthly until the website is fully functioning and we are sure all of the members are aware of it, if however you are not on the internet, we would ask you to get in touch with one of the committee members listed below and they will ensure that you go onto a mailing list and receive print outs of the monthly updates.

At the moment we have the two solid venues which we will continue to use, new future venues are being actively researched, but with the situation with DEFRA being unclear, we cannot give land owners any positive reassurances that our actions wont harm their payments, so rather than loose a venue before we have secured it we have decided to be sensible and wait, but rest assured there is a lot of work being done in the background. When we have any solid information we will let you know.

We would like to thank the following people for their hard work in setting up the recent two man at Bluonts farm;- Chriss Hart, Mark Waller, John Hart, Charlie Hart, Russ Rhodes, Dicky Walters, Des Pichel , J Clarke and Ian Parker, Also our thanks to all those who stayed after the race to help with the clearing up, including some like Steve Goddard for example who only came to the event to help clear up. Well done.

We are committed to ensuring that our club is the best that we can make it, not just for the members of today but for the future also, this means that we have to know what exactly you the members want, to do this we are going to contact  as many of you individually as possible, which we would be grateful to you for any time you can give us. We look forward to speaking with you within the next few months.
The committee members are united in their goal to improve our club and are happy to take calls from any member who would like to put forward any ideas/suggestions or, if you wish to voice concerns or opinions, the following is a list of the key committee;-

Dave Roper (CHAIR) 01787-237019 evenings only
Clive Brand (VICE CHAIR) 01787-374348 evenings 07973844859 mob
Roger Chaplin (VICE PRESIDENT) 01206-273296
Graham Mays (SECRETARY) 01206-531768 evenings
John Hart 01920-822001 evenings 07976305002
Alistair Aim (membership) 01787-460671
Jim Aim 01787-460671
Gavin Hockey 01206-791155
Chris Hockey (kiwi) 07971-447085
Neil Drew 01279-841050 evenings 07843-350650 mob

Mentioned in dispatches in your July newsletter is that there are more awards up for grabs, we decided to do this because so many riders put so much effort into racing, not to mention finances, and vary rarely have anything to show for it, The idea is that we will use the Eastern Centre SOLO round results ,take out from those results the members of other clubs so that we are left purely with the Sudbury members results, so even if you haven’t scored many points in the Eastern Centre to receive an accolade, you may well qualify in the Sudbury competition.  The prizes will be for the first 3 in the championship class, first 3 in the expert class and the top 10 in the clubman class, plus a host of other awards, so expect to see some new faces.

Listed below are the current standings;-

Remember if you don’t turn up at the Christmas bash you won’t get anything.

New Members
2005 has so far seen  30  new members, beginners luck saw Darren Crook (ten belly’s) teamed up in his first pairs enduro (5th ever outing on a bike) with Paul Whibley in the championship class where they finished 3rd,Darren has since decided that because Paul couldn’t commit to doing the rest of the series that he would go back to the clubman class. Welcome to all our new members, if you have any questions just call any one of the committee.  
Our next event is the solo at Blounts farm, Sawbridgeworth on 11-09-2005 there is a huge amount of work to be done, and if we don’t get enough people to help it could affect the venue, please please contact Chris on 07815-737277 if you are able to offer any help at all, if we loose the guys that do all the work at the moment because they are fed up with carrying the burden, then there will be no events put on by Sudbury.

The club has an arrangement for the dinner dance and all of our events in 2006 with Charles N Robinson who will be the clubs official photographer, we will also have a link on our website when it is completed very soon.

Two man C.J.Ball Championship
There is not enough space left to give you a full report, so we will leave for another occasion; however the Sudbury boys are doing well with pairs in each class in the top 3. Well done.

There is a huge amount of information to pass onto you, but space is the limiting factor, plus which the next committee member who’s turn it is to write will be grateful for the chance to continue passing on the news and information.
Spare a thought for Dickie Walters who recently Broke his wrist on one arm and we believe an elbow on the other, we were thinking of having a fund raiser for a bidet.
Don’t forget the dinner dance, word spread last year about just how good it was so tickets are selling well, remember that its not for a select few, it is for all of the club, family and friends, there will also be members of other clubs coming along.

The Committee.

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