Hare n Hounds race for 12-16 year olds 14-05-17

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Georgia PotterIncorporated in the previous week’s ACU Eastern Solo Enduro Championship at Foxborough Quarry Sible Hedingham was a one hour Hare and Hounds race for 12-16 year olds. The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club wants to promote events for these youngsters who ride elsewhere outside of East Anglia and there are other youths under the age of 12 riding regularly.

For the first event there were ten riders which included two females. For the start the competitors had to run down the hill, which also happens in the Adult January Extreme Enduro, to their bikes. First away was Jake Roper leaving most of the field in his wake and poor Georgia Potter’s bike would not start eventually it sparked into life some three to four minutes behind the leader.

Jake was in top form extending his lead during the session and controlling the race and when he is 16 and is able to compete in all adult events could be a Champion of the future out doing his father Phil.Jake Roper There were a few scraps between riders and several changes of positions and Georgia was gradually catching and passing most of the field.

The one hour session seem to pass very quickly and there were three riders completing 10 laps with Jake Roper taking first place 3 minutes 53 seconds ahead of Doug Lote and in third place was Georgia Potter 4 minutes 26 seconds behind the winner and what would have happened if her bike started first time, she could have challenged the winner. There were also three riders finishing on 9 laps with Will Belton taking 4th 25 seconds ahead of Max Day 5th and 6th Archie Gunton one minutes 25 seconds further behind. Evan Herbert was 7th completing 8 laps and 8th, 9th and 10th riders finished on 7 laps. Aaron Taylor took the 8th place 25 seconds ahead of 9th Miles Twigg while Jemma Sargeant was 10th only one second behind the ninth rider.

This event was a great success and the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club wishes to thank the parents and others for marshalling without which the race could not happen.