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Welcome to the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club Limited and thank you for choosing us, one of the largest clubs in the Eastern centre. If you are completely new to off road motor sport , changing discipline or looking for a club in the Eastern centre, we have set out bellow the information that you will need in order to get involved as easily as possible. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions that you cannot find the answers to in these pages then please “email” your query to us at the address in the contact us section on the home page, alternatively if you wish to speak to someone in person we have in the following pages provided all of the key committee members names and telephone numbers, all of whom are more than happy to help.

The Sudbury MCC Limited, is primarily an enduro based club, we do occasionally hold motocross races, we are lucky to have some of the top names riding and representing us, some of our members do numerous other sports like trials, roadrace,etc. but choose our club because of the fantastic venues and the social activities.


In order to compete you will need an A.C.U. licence and be a member of an affiliated club such as Sudbury MCC Limited. The A.C.U. will not issue a licence unless it has been indorsed by an affiliated club, so the first step is to become a member which you can do by telephoning Jim Aim motorcycles on 01787-460671, explain that you wish to become a Sudbury club member and also receive an A.C.U. licence application form, they will send to you a very simple form to fill in.

The form asks you if you would like to receive at an additional cost the Eastern centre gazette; we would recommend that you receive this as it is where you will find the entry forms to virtually all of the eastern centre events.

Once you have returned your membership application it will be processed and you will be allocated a membership number which will be yours for life, the membership card will be sent back to you along with the endorsed A.C.U. licence application which you then fill in and send onto the A.C.U.

At the end of every year the A.C.U. automatically send you a renewal form which you then send to either Jim Aims or G.H.’s with your club renewal together with stamped addressed envelope and the cheque to the A.C.U. and they will then endorse and forward on for you.

When your licence is sent to by the A.C.U. it will have a booklet, this explains the rules and regulations relating to how the events are run, what the different colour tapes mean and so on, also it covers in great detail the rules about the bikes themselves and riding gear



Both shops offer perks to members of the Sudbury club, they offer extensive parts, clothing, accessories and workshop facilities, and are both happy to help wherever possible. For information on the specific benefits you will need to contact the shops directly .Jim Aims Motorcycles are contactable on 01787-460671, and G.H. Motorcycles are contactable on 01206-791155.



There are a number of different type of events to compete in, as follows we offer a brief over view of what they are, important points to note are that when you have entered an event you will be sent an acknowledgement of entry together with your rider number for that event and a start time, virtually all events will have 4 riders starting together leaving the start line in one minute intervals. When you arrive at the event in the morning you will have to go and sign on with the secretary of the meeting, this activity will be obvious when you watch the other riders, all you will need is you’re A.C.U. licence, the club official will then hand you your time card which at some events will be filled in for you, if it isn’t then just ask and they will be only too pleased to help.

You will need to take your motor bike and crash helmet to be inspected by the club officials prior to the race, again if you watch what the other riders do or ask this will all be totally obvious. Once you have gone through this process once you will wonder what you were worried about, it’s really very simple.

TWO-MAN Enduro-in this type of competition you have a team mate, you will be allocated a number and a start time, if you don’t have a team mate then you will need to make that fact known on your entry form from the gazette and you will be allocated one, if however you do have a proposed team mate you will need to decide which one of you will ride first and again make that clear on your entry form,(your team mate will also have to fill in his/her own entry form)

Watch the clock and make sure that you are at the start line for your time, an official will signal when to go. The objective is to do as many laps as you can in half an hour, you will then go into the pits on the minute that is half an hour after your start time and hand the time card to your team mate who will go out and do as many laps as he can in half an hour, he then comes in on his minute and hands the card to you who then does another half an hour, the time card is then handed back to the team mate who does a further half hour. Then we all break for lunch, the exact process is then repeated riding the opposite way around the track until both you and your team mate have completed two half hour sessions after lunch. The time card is then handed to one of the officials who have been marking the time cards at the end of each half hour session. You will get 1 point for every lap you do, if every rider completes the same number of laps without penalties there has to be a way of deciding who was the fastest and slowest, this is done by making the first lap out after lunch a timed lap. Penalties, if you run over your allotted time to go through time control and hand over your card to your team mate you will incur a time fault.

There are generally 8 races a year for the 2 man competition and is probably the best way for anyone to get started in enduro’s.

SOLO-ENDURO. Is what it says, an individual against individuals race. The start process is identical to that of the two man, as a rule the race will consist of the first two laps being 1 hour each, in these two first laps there will be a designated part of the track which will form the “special test” where you are stopped and then sent of one by one to get through the special test in the quickest time possible. The two special test times are added together to determine an overall time and as with the two men, if everyone clears their stages without penalty the winners can then be decided by the special test times. After the 2 first laps the time given to complete each subsequent lap is then reduced, e.g.1 st lap=60 mins, 2 nd lap=60 mins, 3 rd lap=45 mins, 4 th lap=40 mins, 5 th lap=35 mins, 6 th lap=30mins. What class you are in determines the amount of laps that you are given to do. Again the time card system is employed to record what time any individual went through the time check at the end of every lap. New rule starting 2007 season all Eastern Centre Enduro events require working lights. Random checks at scrutineering

HARE AND HOUND. Basically you will be given a set start time and finish time and you complete as many laps as you can within that allotted time. Different clubs do this in different ways, some do 4 hours straight through, others 3, others will do 2 hours with a lunch break followed by a further 2 hours. Normally you will find this information in the entry forms.

MOTOCROSS. A bunch of 30+ riders all start together off of a line and go around a fairly short coarse filled with man made obstacles like jumps and whoops, the objective is to be the first past the finishing line after a set time like 15minutes + 1 or 2 laps, there are generally 3 or 4 races for each class. Some of our enduro boys do however race in motocross as it helps with special test times.

CLASSES. Championship- these guys are as a rule at the top of their game, they will compete in the big nationals and most of them will compete internationally.

Experts- this class along with the championship are the smallest classes because to be in them and competitive requires a fairly high degree of fitness and stamina, usually there is not a lot between them in terms of speed, but there is usually a gulf between them and the lower classes.

Clubman-this class will normally comprise around 80% of the field and has an extremely diverse number of abilities. If you have ridden before then this is probably the best class to start in.

Sportsman-this class is for the beginner or those who find that they are always in the bottom of the clubman class.

It is important to note that with solo races the championship class generally does 8 laps, the expert class generally 7 laps, the clubman 6 laps and the sportsman class does 5 laps, obviously this may vary dependant on the length of the lap at the race.



In the Eastern centre events it is permissible to use a standard motocross bike so long as it has lights front and rear, they do not have to work. If you enter a national your bike will have to be fully road legal, that includes road legal tyres. An extremely important point to keep in mind is that no matter what bike you ride in whatever class there is a noise limit that your bikes must fall below, this means regular repacking of the silencer, this is being enforced now more rigorously across all off road motor sport.



In the publications listed above you will find information on people who are able to provide training, also if you ask some of our top members they may also be able to help. It will be up to you to decide the level of competency of the individual and check on insurances etc, for this reason we cannot specifically recommend any one particular person or organisation.




Every third Wednesday of every month the club has a social drink in the White Horse pub in Sudbury, members come from all parts of the Eastern centre to have a drink and chat to other members, the committee is always represented, we lay on some sandwiches and bits to nibble on, and most find it a great way to put faces to names and are able then to mix better at the races, you will get to find out about other activities, get advice not to mention of course that some like it just to get out and mix with people who share the same past times.

The club holds an annual dinner dance in January at Essex country club, this is always a fantastic evening with a brilliant atmosphere, the club lays on dinner and wine, there is always a live act of some description and a disco. The main purpose of the evening is to celebrate the achievements of our members with awards, as a club we present more awards in more categories than most, you also have the chance to get dressed up in clothes that are unlikely to get muddy, and let your hair down with a bunch of really nice people.

We are currently looking at ways of increasing our social activities, if you have any ideas or would like to get involved then please contact any one of the committee members, we will be very pleased to hear from you.



This is not mandatory for you, but is something that requires a huge amount of man power, on average it can take as much as 300 man hours to set up a coarse, this is started many weeks before a race, work parties are requested via our web site, the entry forms and our newsletters, dates and contact numbers are provided to make it easy to fit in with everyone’s busy lives, if every member were able to provide at least one morning or afternoon at a weekend the process would be much easier. To make this more interesting we have a BBQ at the end of each set up day for those that help, this is also a great way to meet other riders and increase your social circle. The other slight advantage is that you do get to see the track before the race.



There are a number of publications available that are good for various types of information, as follows we have listed the most popular and roughly what they can give you, all of which are available through most news agents, however you may have to ask them to get them in for you.

TRIALS AND MOTOCROSS NEWS, basically a news paper containing a whole host of news on trials motocross and enduro, it is the best place to buy and sell bikes vans and all things off road, it is also the best place to find events outside of the eastern centre. It is published by Lancaster and Morecambe Newspapers Ltd.

MOTO X MAGAZINE, contains news from both the motocross and enduro scenes, bike tests and riding tips. Published by Motoplay Publications in Cambridge.



Philip Frogg home telephone 01440 788125


Roger Chaplin (vice president) 01206-273296

Graham Mays (secretary & treasurer) 01206-531768 evenings only

John Hart 01920-822001 evenings 07976-305002

Alistair Aim (membership) 01787-460671 days only

Gavin Hockey (Vice chair) 01206-791155 or 07771 986592

Chris Hockey 07971-447085

Stevie Roper

Nigel Ross

Peter Finch

All of the above committee members are on the committee because they have the interests of the club and its members as their priority, if you have any issue that you wish to discuss with them please do not hesitate to contact them. Alternatively you can pose you’re question or query on the e-mail address on the website and it will receive prompt and private treatment, we are always looking at ways to improve our club so if you have any ideas that you wish to put forward they will be taken seriously.